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The Golden Pendulum

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The Biomat And Your Health

The Universal Bio-Mat is a unique, proven, safe medical device that has multiple short and long term health benefits. Below you will find a list of just some of the known and proven enhancements to your health that will be yours when you purchase an Amethyst Bio-Mat.

Cancer and Thermotherapy

The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees is a new book written by Nobuhiro Yoshimizu, M.D.Ph.D, former Director of the Yokohama General Hospital in Japan.

To download a complimentary copy of the book, go to

Note: "The Biomat is not a device to cure cancer or any other disease. The Biomat does not claim any medical benefits and does not claim to cure any disease or medical condition. It does not claim any diagnosis or treatment and only claims the statements in the Medical Device of the FDA's regulation. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner. Any information and personal testimonies about the Biomat does not reflect the Biomat's claim."

Far Infrared Ray Therapy

Far Infrared Rays penetrate 6 inches into the body in the presence of the Amethyst crystals. Therefore, these rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the body, but all the cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest parts of our bodies. Because of this, these rays can warm our body from the inside out and stimulate most of our body's essential systems, including the immune system.

Pain Relief

The heat received from the Biomat's far infrared ray production dilates blood vessels much like aspirin and thus relieves muscle aches, cramps, back tension, really anything that is the direct result of muscle or tissue pain. Blood vessel dilation also results in greater blood flow which, in turn, sends more oxygen-rich blood to depleted muscle areas and, again, like the effects of aspirin, produces relief.

Weight Control

As you lie on the Biomat, the gentle warming of your body makes you sweat, pumping your blood faster as it burns calories. According to a Journal of the American Medical Association report, a single far infrared session burns as many calories as rowing a boat or running for 30 minutes.

Joint Pain And Stiffness Relief

Far Infrared Heat therapy is often used to treat those suffering from arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders. Sprains, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and age-related aches are relieved or eliminated with the use of a Biomat.

The BioMat has been approved as a U.S. FDA Class II Medical Device with 510K indications for the following uses:

  • Temporary relief of minor muscle pain
  • Minor joint pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Minor sprains
  • Minor strains
  • Minor muscular back pain
  • Relaxation of muscles, and
  • Temporary increase of local circulation where applied

Amethyst Pillow

$350 plus shipping

A healthy, beautiful glow doesn't just result from the makeup you applyin the morning: a true sense of well-being begins with how well you sleep. The importance of sleep can't be overemphasized - it is actually an active state that is essential for mental and physical restoration. Sleep helps the mind and body refresh for the next day, and it helps skin to repair itself and injuries to heal. Yet more than 100 million Americans of all ages often fail to get a good 

night's sleep. Now that you know that sleep is a necessity, not a luxury, plan to get enough of it with the Amethyst pillow.

Pillow size =

480 x 300 x 120mm /

19" x 12" x 4.3"

Net Weight =2.7kg / 6lbs

Amethyst weight = 0.7kg

Tourmaline weight = 0.4kg

Elastic Polyurethane memory foam pillow.

Professional Size Bio-Mat

$1,695 plus shipping

Size = 700 x 1800mm / 31.91" x 77.81"

Net Weight = 13kg/ 28lb. without controller

Infrared Rays = 8 -14 Microm. Max

Negative Ion = 700v

Electric Consumption = 160W

Voltage = AC 120

Amount of Amethyst = 17.5 lbs.

Bio-Mat Mini

$670 plus shipping

Size = 850 x 330mm / 33" x 17 " Electric Consumption = 100W Net

Weight = 3.8kg / 12 lbs. without controller

Amethyst = 1.2kg / 2.4lbs.

Tourmaline = 1.0kg / 2.2 lbs.

Natural Infrared Rays and Negative Ions Voltage = AC 100

Amount of Amethyst = 7 lbs