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The Golden Pendulum

Below is a partial listing of the classes I offer. If you are interested in hosting a class or table tipping session, please put your request in the Contact Us section of this website. 

If you would like to register for a class please contact

Pauline Pearson


or the contacts listed below.

Class Locations

Spirit Venue for all things Spiritual

73 Lunns Way, Plymouth, MA


[email protected]

I will travel to your location if you wish to hold a class at your spiritual center or teaching location. If you have a location or venue where you would like to hold a class, please contact me. 

Dowsers Do It Divinely!

A beginner dowsing class that teaches the basics of dowsing and how to use a Pendulum and L-Rods. Class includes how to choose a pendulum, using the tools, how to phrase questions, programming and developing your intuition. It is a hands-on class and students will have experienced dowsing with each tool by end of class. Handouts will be given and pendulums and L-Rods can be provided. Lots of fun! This class can be held as a two hour class covering the basics or as an all day class with more detail and much more hands on experience. No experience necessary.    

The Ascension of Your Heart!

There is so much happening on Earth now. Our vibrations are being raised to ready us for life in the fifth dimension where we will do everything from a place of love and from our hearts. It’s a time to get rid of all the emotions and feelings that don’t work for us anymore like fear, anger etc. When you have these emotions, they create actual energy fields that can make you feel like you are carrying a bag of boulders. Learn how to use dowsing to find these fields and “dissolve” them using prayer or intent. You won’t believe how much better you feel. The end of the class will include a beautiful dowsing program that was channeled from Spirit that will activate the Adamantine Particles within us. A crystal heart will be given to each student to use with the program that will become the “generator crystal” for the Adamantine Particles. Some dowsing experience helpful. Includes handouts. 

Pendulum Dowsing for the Healing Practitioner

A great class for anyone doing energy work that would like to use a pendulum to scan your clients energy fields. Learn how to use the pendulum to check chakras and auric fields & check for energetic and physical imbalances. Class will cover the seven main chakras as well as the 6 new chakras that have been activated recently. Learn how to read your pendulum's response and to connect with Spirit to correct any imbalances. This is a hands-on class and students will work on each other for experience. Some experience with a pendulum helpful but not required.

Automatic Writing and Planchette Writing

Automatic writing is the ability to sit in meditation, connect with Spirit and have messages come through in written form using a pen or pencil and paper. Learn how to connect with Spirit to bring forth loving messages.

Planchette writing is a form of automatic writing using a planchette like the one used in Ouija boards. However, with this form of writing the planchette holds a pen or pencil to write messages from Spirit.

All classes are taught connecting with only the highest sources and White Light energy.

Each of these classes can be taught separately or combining both methods into one class. No experience necessary, just an open mind. Supplies provided.  

Table Tipping

Table tipping is a form of Physical Mediumship which is the ability to connect with Spirit using a tool. In this case the "tool" is usually a three legged table. Participants sit around a table with their fingers resting lightly on the table. A meditation begins the session asking for spirits of only the white light to come through with messages. The table will start to “tip” spelling messages for one person at the table or to the group as a whole. Messages can come in from loved ones from our past or from the Angels and other Spirits who guide us. Maximum 6 participants per session. For more information check the Physical Mediumship section.


Using a board similar to the popular Ouija Board, but with high vibrational images, learn how to have conversations with spirit or loved ones by bringing through beautiful and validating messages. Using a White Light meditation at the beginning of the session, clear and validating messages can be communicated in the most loving way. Private sessions are offered, but messages can also be brought through for groups. Each person can have the experience of touching the planchette as it spells out each message.