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The Golden Pendulum

What is Dowsing?

Dowsing is the ability to take a tool, such as a Pendulum or L-Rods and tap into the energies that exist all around us. I feel it's a direct connection with Spirit or your Higher Self. Tapping into these energies allows us to ask questions, locate water, find lost objects or balance our chakras and energy fields. And so much more!

I have been a Dowser for over 15 years and am a member of the American Society of Dowsers in Vermont.

See my Classes page for a listing of some of the Dowsing classes that I teach.

Following are the most used dowsing tools.


Y-rods are known as the original dowsing tool. Traditionally made from a branch of a willow or cherry tree, the branch is in the shape of a "Y". While holding the Y-Rod and walking forward, the rod will react to a strong pull toward the ground when water or an object that is underground is found. The dowser will make the request of what he is looking for at the beginning and the rod will react when the water or object is found. 


A pendulum is any weighted object on a string or chain. Pendulums can be made of beautiful crystals, metal or wood, or can be a paper clip on a string. A necklace such as a pendant on a chain can also be used. Pendulums are best used indoors where there is no wind to affect the movement. They can be used to ask questions, define answers on a chart, show the energy of a chakra or test for imbalances in a persons energy fields.


L-Rods are L shaped pieces of copper, brass or wire. A set of L-Rods can also be made from a wire coat hanger. They can be different lengths, but a traditional size is 6" X 12". The handle part can also have a "sleeve" over it which brings more sensitivity to the reaction of the rods. L-Rods will open or close in reaction to the edges of energy fields, such as the auric fields around our physical bodies. They are most 

widely used to find underground water for digging wells etc. The rods will react to the energy that is being emitted from the water. As with the pendulum, they can also be used to ask questions and are also often used to find lost objects. They are a better tool for using outdoors since the dowser can have more control of the rods on a windy day.


Charts are easy to make and all kinds of information can be put on the chart. For instance if you are searching for the vitamins that would most benefit your health, you can make a chart and list the names of the vitamins you are considering. Then using the pendulum you can ask which vitamins are best for you. The pendulum will swing around the chart and when it comes to the first vitamin that would be beneficial to you it will continue to swing on the name of that vitamin until you say 

"next". You can also use a percentage chart to test what percentage the vitamin would benefit you. A vitamin that is 100% beneficial to you is better than a vitamin that is only 20% beneficial to you.


When you dowse for your yourself and especially for another person it is important to ask for permission to do so. This is a topic that dowsers have different opinions on, however I feel it is very important. 

The standard permission statement is "May I, Can I, Should I"

"May I"- asks "Do I have permission from Spirit to dowse for this person or situation at this time". When you dowse, it's important that you are rested, healthy, not emotionally attached to the outcome, and able to do so without interruptions.

"Can I"- asks "Do I have the skill level to dowse this situation". Dowsing takes practice and can be used in many situations. However, it's important to know that you have the skill level for what you are dowsing. For example, a beginner dowser does not have the understanding of the details involved to dowse for water to dig a well.

"Should I" - asks "Is this any of my business". It's very natural, for instance, to want to help a person if they are sick or going through a difficult situation. However, it may be that whatever this person is going through at the time could be a life lesson for them. If that is the case, you don't want to interfere with that.

Once you have a "Yes" and "No" reaction with your pendulum or L-Rods you can ask permission at the beginning of each dowsing session. Hold your pendulum or L-Rods and ask "May I, Can I, Should I" dowse for . . . . .(person or situation) . . . . . . .at this time.

If you get a "Yes" reaction, proceed with your dowsing. If you get a "No" reaction, respect that Spirit is requesting this for the highest good. You may break down the permission statement if you would like to know which aspect is involved. Ask "May I" and see if you get a yes or no. Ask "Can I" and see if you get a yes or no and ask "Should I" and see if you get a yes or no. The one you get a NO to is the reason for not being able to dowse at that time. You may also ask "Can I dowse for this person or situation at a date in the future?"


  1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS ask permission before dowsing. May I, Can I, Should I. If you get a “no” when you ask, try again at a later time.
  2. Don’t dowse when you are tired, sick or have had any alcohol. Your results won’t be accurate.
  3. NEVER use dowsing to harm anyone or anything. Only dowse for the highest good and with the best of intentions.
  4. Make sure you are clear, balanced and neutral about your dowsing. Your conscious mind will affect your answers. Don’t be emotionally attached to the answers.
  5. Ask your dowsing system that you be protected from any influence that is not from the Divine or for your highest good or the highest good of the person you are dowsing for.
  6. Phrase your questions to give as many details as possible. Remember the dowsing system takes things “literally” and will give you an answer that is perfect for the question that you asked.
  7. Check the accuracy of your answers with a chart. If you get a YES, but you’re only 30% accurate, you need to refocus your connection to the Dowsing System.
  8. Before you begin to dowse, make sure you are in a calm, relaxed state of mind, and that you won’t be disturbed for a period of time.

If you have any dowsing questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]