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The Golden Pendulum

Several years ago, I started using automatic writing as a way to receive messages from spirit. I began with planchette writing which is a form of Physical Mediumship. I then started to sit and meditate with a pad of paper and a pen. I started to get messages from Spirit that were so loving and had to do with how our lives are changing while we go through this wonderful period of Ascension. I started a journal of these messages.

When I asked spirit if I could put these messages into e-mails or a blog in order to share with others. I got "not at this time". So I continued to journal the writings each day. Then one day I received a message . . .

         "Our thoughts with regard to your writings are that much preparation has taken place for us to present you with the skill needed to communicate with us this way. Our wishes are for you to be the catalyst for a book that we will present to you."

So, in 2012 I began to channeled the first half of the most amazing book. I'm honored to be bringing this information through from a guide named SaLuSa and I received it chapter by chapter. Below is the Introduction and I've also included Chapter One since it explains the title of the book. I hope to be able to tell you soon that it is complete!

As of July, 2013 I have 25 beautiful chapters. SaLuSa has told me that the second half of the book will come to me when the planet has ascended and he is able to give me information on how humanity journeyed to the new world we so deserve. Stay tuned!

The Absolute Force 

Written by SaLuSa

Grand Being of Light

Galactic Federation

Presented in truth by

Pauline Pearson


 Within this book we hope that the reader will find the purpose of the soul in the evolution of life. To create within a universe a life of service and to master that life is the most extraordinary manifestation of the love of our Creator. Much misinterpretation has been generated through the eons of time of the actual journey that a soul goes through. We welcome the opportunity to explain this journey in a truthful and joyous way so as to dispel any misconceptions. Once the journey of a soul has been created, much love and thought goes into the details of bringing that soul through the many experiences that will allow the learning and experience for each soul to bring them to the ultimate completion which is a seat next to God. We present this book to your “New World” with the hopes of creating much joy and happiness in the arena of our beloved “Earth Angels” as we have now entitled you. We send you the love of our Angelic family and the ultimate presence of the Creator Himself. Be in love and radiate the light within you for it is with this light that the purpose of our souls exists. 


   Through many lifetimes we have guided souls through journeys of much love, sadness, light and the epitome of despair. We did this not to be the puppeteers of the souls who were in the journey, but for the purpose of providing the experiences that could bring to them the steps needed to be aligned with the universal joy, which is the journey towards the Creator.

Our participation is one of much love and has also been one of much sadness. There have been on your planet the forces of evil that were not in alignment with our goals for your growth. Much has been accomplished and we wish to tell you how the journey happened.

We will, in the following chapters, bring to you the details of the Absolute Force that your planet was given to come to the point where you now exist. We ask that you be open to the information and allow your mind to process in a loving way the information that we are gifting you with at this moment in your evolution.

Our actual presence is one of many details and not easily understood by beings that have not evolved past the dimensions greater than twelve. We will do our best to create for you a picture of our presence and the impact that our organization, the Galactic Federation of Light, has had on your journey thus far.

This is not intended to be a compilation of facts regarding how the Universe or planet Earth came into existence, but rather how we affected your journey towards your Creator. It is fascinating for us and will be exponentially healing for you to understand the process of how you, as humans, reached the point you are at now.

Again, we ask that you keep an open mind and allow us to guide you along the process that is the Absolute Force.