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The Golden Pendulum

 Physical Mediumship is a skill that has only come into my life in the last few years. Dowsing is also a form of physical mediumship, and I've been doing that for more than 12 years. However, I have so enjoyed learning how to connect with spirit using the following new tools. It has been a journey that has taught me that spirit is excited to communicate with us in any way possible. I'm looking forward to wherever spirit wants to send me next to bring through loving and evidential messages.    


Physical mediumship is the ability to connect with spirit using a "tool". In dowsing, the tool is a pendulum. With table tipping, traditionally a three legged table is used. For automatic writing or spirit writing the tool is a pen and paper. And of course everyone is familiar with the planchette on a ouija board. Whatever tool is being used, it's a way for spirit to communicate with us.


Table Tipping or Table Turning was made famous by the Fox Sisters but was also widely practiced in England and other parts of Europe in the mid 1800's. It is a form of communication with Spirit similar to a seance where participants sit around a round table with their fingers lightly placed on the table and Spirit "tips" the table to spell out messages as the letters of the alphabet are spoken by the participants. Messages can be from loved ones from our past or from our angels or guides. The 

medium or facilitator will begin a session calling in only the highest and loving energies to come through. A table tipping session can be very healing with loved ones connecting to someone at the table but can also bring beautiful messages from our angelic guides. Recommended Reading: Table Tipping for Beginners by Teresa Lally


Automatic writing or trance writing is a way of connecting to spirit or loved ones that have passed. In the 20th century, automatic writing was used as a method of channeling by spiritualists. A paper and pen or pencil can be used or a good typist can also use a computer. Automatic writing happens while in a state of meditation or relaxation and by asking a guide or loved one to connect with you and bring a message. The pen or pencil will start to move and will write words or sentences. At the beginning it may just be scribbles, but with practice you can receive written messages.   


Planchette Writing is a form of automatic writing or "spirit writing" but uses a "planchette" similar to the one used with a Ouija board. The planchette is constructed to hold a pen or pencil and is held while messages are spelled out on a piece of paper. Many people feel that the Ouija board brings negative energies forth, however, my opinion is that a Ouija board is a piece of plastic and a piece of cardboard that is purchased in a toy store. It's not the Ouija board that is bringing in the negative energies, it's the attitude of the participants. If you expect negative reactions, the universe will give you what you ask for. It's the 

law of attraction. If you ask at the beginning of a session for only messages from the white light, the messages will be beautiful and validating.


Dowsing is also another form of physical mediumship in that you can use a pendulum and a chart with the alphabet written on it in order to have messages from spirit or loved ones spelled out. This takes a little practice and can be time consuming, but with time can become a validating way to receive messages.


Most people are very familiar with the Ouija Board. We used it as kids to get answers to our very important questions like "will I get married", "will I like my new teachers this year in school". By the time we got older, we developed a belief system from movies like The Omen, and many sites on the internet that the Ouija Board brought in evil spirits and to stay away from it. Please allow me to debunk those belief  

systems. The Ouija Board is a piece of cardboard  and a piece of 

plastic that you purchase in a toy store! It's not possible for it to be evil, it's an inanimate object! What is very important is the intent that the user has when using it. If you expect evil, the universe will comply with your request. Like any form of spiritual work, it's important to state to spirit that you want White Light protection and messages from the highest source. You will be amazed at the love that comes through.

I am very excited to announce that I have created a Divine Message Board with very high vibrational symbols on it that have come into my life from spirit. Spirit has come through and helped me create this beautiful board and I have been using it to give private readings.

Please see the testimonials page for some comments from those who have received beautiful messages on the board.