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The Golden Pendulum


  “Thank you for this wonderful tool it is truly a blessing to own this Divine Message Board. I have only used it once and Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel came through with total clarity to our questions! We even had some surprises when the planchette went on its side!! Also when the spirit wanted you to pay close attention to an answer, the planchette would go fast in a circular motion then stopped at yes!!! It was so AMAZING and would like to thank you and the others for creating this gift!!! Going to use it again soon, I CAN NOT WAIT!!! " Lisa C

"Love the board....wonderful healing messages given in a clear and loving way. Thanks for gifting us with a way to receive messages and healings!!! Love Merlin" Sandra L

"Every time I use the board I'm in awe at the messages. They are uplifting, thought provoking and oftentimes funny."                Marsha J

"The Divine Message Board has opened up a deeper conversation with the

“other side” than ever before. I’ve finally learned the name of my main guide

and now have distinct and profound conversations with that energy. Other

guidance has come in as well and has helped me to navigate some tricky

relationship issues. Messages about my life path have been a source of relief, encouragement and love. I am deeply grateful for this divination tool and can’t imagine life without it!" Hope F

I was so excited when I received the Divine Message Spirit Board. I was a little self conscious about whether or not I could learn to "channel" on my own, but Pauline was so patient with me. She helped me to program the board and practice with it until I was more confident. Once I felt comfortable with the Spirit Board, I hosted a session with my daughter, Johanna and we were both just blown away! The messages that came through for us rang true and we had an absolutely wonderful time. What fun it is to be curious and open minded enough to enjoy communicating with Spirit. I love it Pauline, thank you.


I have used this board with my students to help each of them connect to their guides, as well as angels! My own children love using the board as well as my husband too! As a medium, I strongly encourage those interested in developing their own lines of communication with all the beautiful guides and light beings, just waiting for you to know them and connect!

In love and Light,