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The Golden Pendulum

Ascension is here! Our beautiful planet is going through many changes and so are we, its inhabitants. This is an exciting time in the Universe as Earth moves from 3rd dimension to 5th dimension.  

Ascension is simply the advancement of the human race on Earth to a vibration that represents peace and love and it comes with the acceptance that we are all one, part of a matrix of individuals, that co-exists as a family of wonderful beings of light in human form. The Earth has waited thousands of years for this time and it is now upon us. The anticipation of returning to the Source, or God, is without a doubt, the most wonderful experience that a soul can experience.

To live a life where only love exists and the ravages of hate have been eliminated is an existence that surpasses all others. Your world has been brought to a time when you have asked for the freedom to be able to be who you are and to live a life that is without fear. That time is now! To explain the process is not necessary, only that your lives are about to change and happiness is about to become your new way of life. 

To be one with the Creator requires us to be in a state of mindfulness with all our thoughts generated from love. This is how you will exist in your new world. It is imperative now to do everything with the intentions of love for this will create in you a vibration that will allow for the existence of peace and harmony.

Adamantine Particles, as explained by Yeshua in the book "Love Without End" by Glenda Green are particles of universal light that exist in the universe and these particles are activated by the emotion of love.  

I'd like to share a dowsing program that was channeled through me that activates the Adamantine Particles of the Universe within our hearts. You can hold a pendulum while reading this program. You can also choose a favorite crystal that you would like to become the "generator crystal" and the crystal will hold the program in order to activate the Adamantine Particles in your heart whenever you hold the crystal. Hold the crystal while reading the progam below and if you can, hold a pendulum in your other hand and allow it to swing during the process of activating this program within you. You can program as many crystals as you like, using them for your office, altar, home etc. 

Adamantine Particles Dowsing Program


There is in you a much loved broadening of love that is extracted from the essence of the Christed energy known as the Adamantine Particles. These particles of energy are the source of the universal particles that make up the emotion of love. You have reached a time, dear ones, of much change and are now ready to incorporate into your hearts the source code that is the foundation of your connection to God and all that is. 

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to incorporate the Adamantine Particles into your genetic makeup. May we ask that you use your pendulums for this exercise. The sharing of this exercise to your loved ones would bring us great joy.

We are the Angels of the most highbeings of God, the Elohim.



With all the love of the universe, I ask the Masters of all love to incorporate within my being the source codes of love and the many miracles of wonder that accompanies them.

Please incorporate into my being the Adamantine Particles and allow them to create within me the “All that is” for the many directives of energy that are needed to bring me to the source of love for myself and all mankind. Please allow my body to incorporate these Adamantine Particles in a safe and comfortable way and to allow for my heart to be with the light of all there is and to be the “generator crystal” within me. I ask that I be a shining light for all to see with the greatest of all lights, the light of the Heavens.

Incorporate this loving energy with the help of our beloved Angels, Archangels, Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and the light of God Himself.


Given to Pauline Pearson in meditation, February 27, 2012