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The Golden Pendulum


* Receive guidance

* Find out who your Guides are

* Communicate with the Archangels

and many other high level beings

* Have a conversation with loved ones

that have passed

* Access the Akashic Records

Spiritually guided by Merlin, The images on The Divine Message Board hold the high vibrations necessary to receive supportive and loving messages from all beings in the universal realms. 

I can't begin to tell you the incredible messages that have come through from the Ascended Masters and more using The Divine Message Board. They are especially excited about the opportunity to present to us information about the ascension of our planet and how this is a very special time to be here on Earth. 

In the booklet that comes with it are instructions on how to use the board to connect with Spirit as well as channeled messages on what each symbol represents. I have also included the meditation that I use before each session

The love from Spirit is infinite!


✺ A high quality 12x18” board with original artwork by

local artist Shirley McGann

✺ Handmade wooden planchette in a beautiful gold satin bag

✺ Instruction booklet with channeled guidance on what

the symbols represent

✺ Sturdy storage box            ✺ Made in the USA

Limited Edition!!! Only 500 made!!!

$99 + shipping

or purchase on for free shipping